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Child Support in Florida is determined by many factors including the means of each parent, how many children are involved, and the amount of time each child spends with each parent.

Each divorce in Florida that involves children will deal with child custody and child support issues.  Additionally, Florida statutes provide guidelines will provide guidance for the Court to determine the amount of child support that each parent will be responsible for.  Child support is determined based on the net available income from both the mother and the father. The James Turner Law Firm will calculate the gross and net salaries based on pay stubs and average income over the course of the entire year. Monthly expenses and deductions will help child support lawyer James Turner get an accurate picture of how much support a parent should pay.

After calculating the net income available from each parent, we will determine whether there are elements present that can change that amount. For example, if one parent exercises limited or no visitation rights, the other parent is entitled to increased support. Conversely, if a parent wants more overnight visits with his or her child, the child support that parent receives will be reduced.  Out of expenses such as health care premiums and day care expenses are also considered.

Often circumstances change and the amount of child support can be modified to increase or decrease the payments made or received by each parent.  We work with clients to help them in the original determination of child support and asking for future modifications or contesting them.

To determine what works best in each child support situation requires careful analysis of the facts and circumstances surrounding what is best for the child.  As the child grows and facts and circumstances change, it may be necessary to re-visit the issues to determine what child support is best at that time.

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