Violation of Probation

If you believe that your probation officer is going to accuse you of violating your felony or misdemeanor probation, you need to contact a Santa Rosa violation of probation attorney to assist you. The James Turner Law Firm, LLC, is ready to defend you during a violation of probation case filed in the greater Pensacola Area including Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Walton counties.

Typically, after the Florida probation officer makes an allegation of violation of probation, the judge will sign a warrant for your arrest. The arrest warrant for a violation of probation (VOP) usually has a "no bond" provision, meaning that unless you retain an attorney to resolve your case quickly or obtain a bond, you may be sitting in jail for a lengthy period of time (weeks or months) until your Florida probation violation case is resolved.

As a result, it is common for people who believe they will be arrested for violation of probation to stop reporting to their probation officer. However, failing to report to your probation simply makes the matter worse.  Actually, it causes additional grounds for violation. If the court knows that you failed to report, the court may be less inclined to give you another chance at successfully completing your probation when you are eventually picked up on the warrant and brought before the judge.

If you believe that your probation officer may allege that you violated probation, you should contact a Milton & Pensacola violation of probation lawyer for advice. At the James Turner Law Firm, LLC, we can represent you in your violation of probation case in Santa Rosa & Escambia counties, including Pensacola, Bellview, Gonzalez, Century, Pace, Gulf Breeze, Milton, Cantonment, Molino, Perdido Key, Walnut Hill, Bagdad, Navarre, Fort Walton Beach and Pensacola Beach.

What An Attorney Can Do to Help You After a Probation Violation

  • Your attorney can contact your probation officer on your behalf and request additional time to allow you to come into compliance with the terms of your probation.
  • In other cases, your Milton criminal defense attorney can file a "motion for surrender" which allows you to turn yourself in on the Florida warrant in the courtroom where the judge can set a reasonable bond in the case, dismiss the allegation or release you on your own recognizances (ROR), which may allow you to avoid going into custody altogether.
  • Finally, an attorney can arrange for you to turn yourself in on the violation of probation warrant at the jail, and then represent you at your first appearance hearing which can take place within a few hours of the time you surrender yourself to the jail.
  • Additionally, your Milton criminal attorney can schedule an emergency bond hearing to give you the best chance at having your case resolved quickly if you are not released after your first appearance.
  • If you are taken into custody on a Florida violation of probation warrant, a criminal defense attorney can immediately file an emergency motion for bond on your behalf. Usually you can be back in front of the judge in a matter of days instead of weeks. Even if the court is not inclined to grant bond, the court may be inclined to resolve the case that day by simply reinstating the probation, thereby giving you another chance to successfully complete the probation. 

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